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Jared Bundy Talks with Thompson

Jared Bundy Jared Bundy is the Director of Digital Marketing at Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau. In his #TalkswithThompson, he discusses his entry into marketing via higher ed, transitioning to tourism marketing, and advice for graduating seniors.

Vinicius Lima Talks with Thompson

Vinicius Lima is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Grand Valley State University. In his Talk with Thompson, he shares his entry point into graphic design from architecture, job outcomes in the post COVID-19 economy, and the ultimate portfolio.

Scot Rutledge

Scot Rutledge is the Director of Marketing & Digital Media Services at Community College of Beaver County. Listen in as he Talks with Thompson about design, marketing, and breaking into higher education.

Mackenzie Farone Talks with Thompson

Mackenize Farone is a Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at Greiner Bio-1 and a board member and past-president of Pittsburgh Young Professionals. In this episode between two friends from high school, professional development, language learning, and more are discussed.

Tim Rodman Talks with Thompson

Tim Rodman is the Marketing Supervisor at Schroeder Industries LLC. Tim and I talk a lot about tech school education, careers in the trades, and more.

Karan Saggi Talks with Thompson

Karan Saggi is the Manager of Digital Operations for Canada at Rouge Media. In this episode, Karan talks about his entry into the marketing field and offers advice for students ready to enter the job market.

Harrison 'Soup' Campbell Talks with Thompson

Harrison 'Soup' Campbell is the Director of Product Marketing and Brand Development with ZeeMee. Listen in as we discuss our mutual backgrounds in higher education, the startup life, and moving beyond a single career track.

Jenn Strang Talks with Thompson

Jenn Strang is the Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Printing Industries of America. Listen in as Jenn talks about settling in Pittsburgh, her work with PIA, and branching out into her own consulting practice.

Sophia Basaldua-Sun Talks with Thompson

Dr. Sophia Basaldua-Sun is a New York City-based academic researcher. In this episode, we talk about comparative literature, storytelling, and the use of language in communications.

Yvonne Hudson Talks with Thompson

Yvonne Hudson is the Principal of New Place Collaborations. In her work, she fuses strategic marketing, branding, pr, social media, and events into creating impact in the arts community. Listen in as she discusses her entry into arts marketing and more.

Nadine Nocero-Tye Talks with Thompson

Nadine Nocero-Tye is the Vice President of SyncShow. In this episode, Nadine talks about her entry into the marketing profession, working remotely, and offers advice for soon-to-be graduates.

Alyssa Fox Talks with Thompson

Alyssa Fox is the Senior Director of Partner Marketing for cybersecurity firm Alert Logic. In this episode, she talks with RJ about transitioning her career from technical communications to marketing. NOTE: there were some technical issue with this episode.

Andrea Sereno Talks with Thompson

Dr. Kasandrea ("Andrea") Sereno is the Founder of HigherEdSocial and in this episode she chats with RJ about what inspired her to start her career in marketing and academic advising.

Ashley B. Jones Talks with Thompson

Ashley B. Jones is the Assistant Director of Marketing at Longwood University and in this episode she talks about Higher Ed marketing and how she broke into the field.

Daniel Lentz Talks with Thompson

Daniel is a Masters of Marketing Degree student at Clemson University and talks with RJ about his atypical path to a marketing career.

Hillary Smith Talks with Thompson

Hillary Smith is a Social Media Specialist and Master of Marketing graduate student at Clemson University.

Athena Liao Talks with Thompson

Athena Liao is a Marketing & Business Strategy Consultant. In this episode, she talks with RJ about her career in marketing and offers advice for students ready to graduate.

Madeline Grimes Talks with Thompson

Madeline Grimes, Director of Marketing for REACH, discusses marketing in the startup world.

Deanna Hinsz Talks with Thompson

Deanna Hinsz, Principal of Sassy Girl Media, talks with RJ about entrepreneurship in marketing.

Neil Ward Talks with Thompson

Neil Ward, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Drake University, long time friend of RJ, and spirit animal for many design educators across the country, Talks with Thompson about entering the design field and becoming a teacher. RJ was the first guest on Neil's podcast "Tell It To Neil", so it's time he returned the favor.

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