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Amy Jauman Talks With Thompson

Dr. Amy Jauman is the Chief Learning Officer at the National Institute for Social Media. In her Talks with Thompson, she discusses the benefits of certification, social media strategies, mental health, and more!

Hyla Willis Talks With Thompson

Hyla Willis a Professor of Media Arts at Robert Morris University. In her Talks With Thompson, she discusses her career, the Pittsburgh design scene, typography, and career advice for undergraduate designers.

Abby Guido Talks With Thompson

Abby Guido is an Assistant Professor of Graphic and Interactive Design at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. In her Talk with Thompson, she discuses the merger between marketing and design, being an MBA in an art discipline, and offers some practical advice to young designers.

Amelia Tran Talks with Thompson

Amelia Tran is the Associate Director of Paid Social at MediaCom and an Adjunct Professor @ Baruch College teaching Interactive Marketing.In her Talks with Thompson, she discusses finding her career, working in New York City, and how teaching has transformed her practice work.

Alexa Heinrich Talks with Thompson

Alexa Heinrich is the Social Media Manager at St. Petersburg College. In her Talk with Thompson, she talks about how she transitioned from design to social media marketing and more!

Omari Souza Talks with Thompson

Omari Souza is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Texas State University. In his Talk with Thompson, he discusses the need for diversity in the design field, the need to separate advertising and propaganda from reality, and more.

Spencer Norman Talks with Thompson

Spencer Norman is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at California University of Pennsylvania. In his Talks with Thompson, he chats about the moment he realized he had to be a designer, going to grad school, and what inspired him to come to the United States.

Jennifer van Alstyne Talks with Thompson

Jennifer van Alstyne is the Owner and Strategist of The Academic Designer. In her Talks with Thompson, she talks about her life and career in academia and how her consulting practice helps academics enhance their profile and reconnect with professional practice.

Elizabeth Moon Talks with Thompson

Elizabeth Moon is the Marketing & Digital Content Specialist in the Career Center at Stony Brook University. In her Talk with Thompson, she discusses her career in higher ed, the interdisciplinarity of higher ed marketing, brand journalism, and more!

Brandon Etheredge Talks with Thompson

Brandon Etheredge is the Director of Multimedia Services at Auburn University. In his Talk with Thompson, Brandon talks about the importance of his interdisciplinary team, Drainkitties, and more!

Katy Spencer Johnson Talks with Thompson

Katy Spencer Johnson is a Social Media Strategist and in her Talk with Thompson, she emphasizes the need for professional development and the multi-disciplinary awesomeness of the Higher Ed Social Media industry.

Maria DeCabooter Talks with Thompson

Maria DeCabooter is the Social Media Strategist at Northern Arizona University. In her Talk with Thompson, Maria talks about how she entered higher ed marketing, her background in law, and her social media inspirations.

Michele Dye Talks with Thompson

Michele Dye is the Chief Strategist of Dyenamic Media. In her Talk with Thompson, Michele discusses her entry into higher ed marketing, graduating with her masters, and marketing entrepreneurship.

Rakitha Perera Talks with Thompson

Rakitha Perera is a Graphic Designer and Media Specialist for the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. In his Talk with Thompson, Rakith tries to defend comic sans, emphasizes the importance of critiques, and rapid changes in the design industry.

Chas Williams Talks with Thompson

Chas Williams is a Digital Media Recruiting Strategist at Clemson University and in his Talk with Thompson he discusses his entry into higher education marketing.

Carrie Viohl Talks with Thompson

Carrie Viohl is a Marketing Specialist at Southern Regional Technical College and in her Talk with Thompson she discusses the creative professions, entrepreneurship, and creative problem solving.

Jeff Swartz Talks with Thompson

Jeff Swartz, President and Founder of Ethic Advertising, talks about getting his start in advertising, mentorship, and entrepreneurship.

Amy Nell Talks with Thompson

Amy Nell is the Creative Director at Benedictine College. In her Talk with Thompson, she talks about her start in graphic design, entrepreneurship, and working with academic departments as "clients."

Art Brown Talks with Thompson

Art Brown is an Assistant Professor of Communications at Milligan College and in his Talk with Thompson, he details his entry into graphic design, love for comic books, show the COVID-19 outbreak has affected his students. This episode begins season 2!

Pat Sehn Talks with Thompson

Pat Sehn is the Co-Founder of Steady State Media in Pittsburgh, PA. In his Talk with Thompson, he discusses his entry into video production, content marketing, advice for students interested in video, and virtual graduations.

Kirby Hassemann Talks with Thompson

Kirby Hasseman is the CEO of Hasseman Marketing and author of the "Give First Economy." Tune in as Kirby Talks with Thompson about marketing entrepreneurship.

Paul Bellantone Talks with Thompson

Paul Bellantone is the President of Promotional Products Association International, an advocacy organization representing the 27 billion dollar-a-year promotional products industry. In his Talk with Thompson, he discusses PPAI, careers in promotional products, branding, and more.

Margaret Kelly Talks with Thompson

Margaret Kelly is the Principal of Mgk Design and an Adjunct Instructor of Graphic Design at Henry Ford College. In her Talk with Thompson, she discusses women designers, design history, and the need to stay true to your creative vision in times of uncertainty.

Chris Askew Talks with Thompson

Chris Askew ("ask you") is the Founder of TILT Marketing and Host of Tag! Sales & Marketing Podcast. In his #TalkwithThompson, we touch on working with clients, skill development, and more.

Jared Bundy Talks with Thompson

Jared Bundy Jared Bundy is the Director of Digital Marketing at Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau. In his #TalkswithThompson, he discusses his entry into marketing via higher ed, transitioning to tourism marketing, and advice for graduating seniors.

Vinicius Lima Talks with Thompson

Vinicius Lima is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Grand Valley State University. In his Talk with Thompson, he shares his entry point into graphic design from architecture, job outcomes in the post COVID-19 economy, and the ultimate portfolio.

Scot Rutledge

Scot Rutledge is the Director of Marketing & Digital Media Services at Community College of Beaver County. Listen in as he Talks with Thompson about design, marketing, and breaking into higher education.

Mackenzie Farone Talks with Thompson

Mackenize Farone is a Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at Greiner Bio-1 and a board member and past-president of Pittsburgh Young Professionals. In this episode between two friends from high school, professional development, language learning, and more are discussed.

Tim Rodman Talks with Thompson

Tim Rodman is the Marketing Supervisor at Schroeder Industries LLC. Tim and I talk a lot about tech school education, careers in the trades, and more.

Karan Saggi Talks with Thompson

Karan Saggi is the Manager of Digital Operations for Canada at Rouge Media. In this episode, Karan talks about his entry into the marketing field and offers advice for students ready to enter the job market.

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